Meet Karli

I graduated from massage school in Oct 2015 and have been practicing in a spa setting over the last 5 years. While my background is well rounded, my favorite areas to explore are relaxation techniques, deep tissue and sports massage. By focusing on certificates in cupping/Range of Motion (ROM), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching, and medical massage, I have honed my talents to focus on pain relief and increased range of motion. The ability to help people feel better drew me in to massage. The visible results of a client feeling better after a session amplifies my love for my profession every day. 



Sports Massage at Level Up is therapeutic and targeted. It can be designed to meet specific needs such as:


  1. Maintenance - maintaining the quality of the muscle and connective tissue as well as optimum muscle length

  2. Restorative - supports recovery from surgery and injury rehabilitation

  3. Competition - preparation for - and recovery from - competitive events such as races and tournaments


Deep Tissue Massage: 

  • Targeted to relieve chronic muscle tension and pain

  • Typically 30+ min depending on location(s) of tension

  • May include Trigger Point therapy

  • Can provide migraine relief for people with regular headaches/migraines

  • Is effective for both maintenance and recovery 

  • 30 Minute: $48

  • 60 Minute: $80

  • 115 Minute: $115.00


Cupping: $10 Add On

  • A hand pump is used to create a vacuum seal in plastic cups

  • Targeted areas get increased circulation

  • Inflammation is pulled from deep in tissues

  • Leaves circles where there are cups for 7-10 days

  • Marks are darker when more inflammation/dysfunction is present

  • Incredible increases in ROM (range of motion) can be achieved



Stretching Stand Alone Session or Add On

  • Can be passive (therapist moves you) or active (client moves self) 

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) - a resisted stretch where the client activates muscle against therapists resistance and alternates between contraction and relaxation

  • Offers a deeper stretch than static stretching

  • Positional Release aka Pin and Stretch - pressure is applied to a targeted muscle dysfunction while the related joint is mobilized

  • Both PNF and Pin and Stretch provide tremendous gains in ROM and are extremely effective when paired with Cupping

  • 10 Minute: $20

  • 20 Minute: $35

Our Sports Massage can also be paired with one or more of our other Wellness modalities such as infrared Sauna and/or Compression Therapy for a truly individualized experience. Contact to schedule your initial consult and get started.


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